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What is Jadeite Jade?

Jadeite (Jade) First of all, there may be a lot of people out there who wonder whether the right term used is Jadeite or Jade. Please allow us brief the history of Jade. Jade is one of the oldest ornamental and tooling materials dating back as far as 5,000 years ago, even before metal age…
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Type-A Jadeite Jade

What is Type-A Jadeite? Type-A Jadeite is natural jadeite that has not undergone any treatment process to enhance its durability and beauty. Traditional processes like plum juice washing, surface waxing and polishing are acceptable in trade since long time ago because these procedures are internationally recognized as standard practice and are not defined as 'enhancement'…
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Treated Jadeite Jade

Treated Jadeite Nowadays there are a lot more and more treated jadeite and jadeite simulants in the market. Thus, it's very good to have knowledge of classification of jadeite by treatments, how to identify jadeite and have to be familiar with its popular simulants (imitations), especially for people who love jadeite jade. By treatments, there…
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How to Find Right Jadeite Bangle Bracelet Size

How to Find Right Jadeite Bangle Bracelet Size Getting a right jade bangle size plays a vital role because either wearing too big or too small is uncomfortable for you. And regarding this topic there are several ways suggested when you google it. But we are sharing you the easiest way to find the right…
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