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Type-A Jadeite Jade

What is Type-A Jadeite?

Type-A Jadeite is natural jadeite that has not undergone any treatment process to enhance its durability and beauty. Traditional processes like plum juice washing, surface waxing and polishing are acceptable in trade since long time ago because these procedures are internationally recognized as standard practice and are not defined as 'enhancement' as they absolutely do not impact the structure of natural jadeite which means the crystal structure is still intact and has never been altered.

Natural jadeite comes in various tones of green, white, brown, black and etc. Most of the uneven colors display a contrast of color depth which is commonly seen in lower grade of Jadeite. Very even one color contribution is only found in highest grade of Jadeite which is indeed highly prized.

Crystal structure of natural jadeite belongs to polycrystalline which is composed of loads and loads of granules oriented randomly in a very compact manner. That is why a polished natural jadeite has smooth surface with some dimples at times which are caused by undercutting across different grains. White lumpy inclusions and feldspar are also commonly seen in natural jadeite.

Constant handling and wearing an untreated jadeite would enhance its appearance naturally over time. As natural jadeite is made up of small grains, wearing a piece of jadeite for a prolong period will enable the body sweat and oil to seep into the boundaries of the grains which results more luster and brilliant. Hence the Chinese believes that jadeite is a living stone.

As natural jadeite is getting rare, possessing a piece of Type-A jadeite, in spite of not being a high quality one, would be like owning a piece of antiquity from mother nature and its value would definitely appreciate as time goes by.

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